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Educating Front of House Staff

Improving inclusivity and equality within theatre, for the benefit of neurologically diverse, and/or physically disadvantaged minority groups, by educating Front of House staff members on how to be more accommodating to different types of hidden disability; especially in realm of theatre.


Use the worksheets and video demonstrations to learn more.
Take the test to consolidate your new knowledge 
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Worksheets and Video Demonstrations

This page contains worksheets and demonstrations that make up the ACT RIGHT: thoughtful theatre workshops. 

Please make sure you have read the fact sheets on the education page so you have a good understand on each hidden disability before you try and accommodate them. 

These following worksheets explain strategies you could explore implementing to make your theatre more inclusive.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Travel Information 

Box Office Suggestions 

British Sign Language

Anxiety Attack-  Mental Health First Aid

Lanyard System 

Foyer and Auditorium Suggestions


Video Demonstrations

More ways you can become more inclusive:

British Sign Language


Etiquette on Guiding and Addressing a Blind or Visually Impaired Person

Language Communication Tactics 

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