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Video Diaries

Hear about why it is so important we makes theatre more accessible.

Due to social distancing in place to help stop the spread of Covid-19, video entries have been postponed and will be filmed when social distancing has been lifted. 

For now, please read about what theatre means to two of our patrons and why is it so vital we make necessary changes. 

Updated March 26th 2020

Yusuf Osman 

Blind Patron 

Theatre has the power to take us beyond our lives and to imagine alternative possibilities. It opens a door to the lives of others and helps us as viewers to develop empathy. It can be the glue that holds us together as a community whilst allowing us to break apart encouraging innovation.

Deepa Shastri 

Deaf Patron 

I love going to theatre because when I was at school, we used to go to the theatre as part of our English GCSE and there were no captions or BSL interpretation then, it was so frustrating to sit through the whole performance without any access, I used to fall asleep or make up my own interpretations of what I think the story is about. Now, it is so much more accessible and enables me to experience different stories and perspectives as well as appreciate the creativity in the costumes, set, lighting, story, acting etc. Having accessible theatre enables me to go out with my friends and family and have a good night out without being left behind.

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