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What do we do?

Making theatre more inclusive to those with hidden disabilities. 

"The theatre has always thrived on new work and new audiences"

Sir Cameron Mackintosh

Members of the public?

We can teach you about hidden disabilities and the systems in place, in our society, that are there to help already. This includes everyday and theatre related.

Work in a theatre?

Do you want to improve the access in your theatre? You can take a look at our workshop scheme and access to the resources on our website to make your staff more inclusive. To consolidate how much we can teach you take the test and apply for your theatres review. 

What is a theatre review?

Our staff will use a carefully crafted check list to analyse your theatre and award you with a gold, sliver or bronze access badge that you can show off to your audiences.  

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May Curtiss

ACT RIGHT: thoughtful theatre Founder

ACT RIGHT: thoughtful theatre is set up to improve theatres inclusivity and accommodation for people with hidden disabilities. We want to bridge the gap between Everyday theatre performance and relaxed performances; a service currently offered much less frequently. 

The industry is ready to make the necessary changes and so are our audiences. 

May studied Stage Management at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and graduated in 2020. 

Charitable Purposes

Improving inclusivity and equality within theatre, for the benefit of neurologically diverse, and/or physically disadvantaged minority groups, by:


Educating neurologically typical member of society about the large scope of hidden disabilities and minority groups


Making theatre more accessible to those with hidden disabilities by striving to eliminate any areas of discrimination on grounds of their disability 


Educating Front of House staff members on how to be more accommodating to different types of hidden disability; especially in realm of theatre

Providing Incentive

Promoting theatre access and inclusivity across different theatres and providing incentive for them to become access positive and as inclusive as possible

Data & Research

Carrying out research and surveys to determine how much our society currently knows about learning and physical disabilities. 

Making a difference 

Making a difference to the minority without the majority being effected. 

The industry is ready for change 

and so is our audience. 


Theatre goers with varying disabilities 

Pledge to make a difference together with ACT RIGHT

"I'd like to not have to wait 15 minutes each time I go to the theatre while everyone runs around trying to find someone who will be able to help me"

"I can’t tell you what a difference it makes when you come through the door and are met by someone who knows what I’m talking about."

"I've missed many touch tours because I wasn't sent the right information before hand"

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